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Organic Shetland Salmon

THIS FISH Organic Shetland Salmon is sustainably farmed, in the clean remote seas of Shetland Island, Scotland, to become naturally strong & healthy. With nearly four times as much swimming space as conventional salmon and fed on an organically certified diet, this fish remains as nature intended - clean, honest, organic.


The sustainability and responsible production of supreme quality salmon is at the core of THIS FISH. Particular attention is paid to the environment surrounding the Shetland Island sea sites and strict quality control procedures that are designed to protect both the product and the environment are adhered to. Consequently, the most stringent fish welfare regimes and the most rigorous environmental control schemes have been adopted.

High Quality, Ethical Suppliers

Our Atlantic Salmon is supplied by Grieg Seafood, a Norwegian salmon producer with a continuous dedication towards sustainable production. Grieg strive to always deliver fresh and healthy products with optimal nutritional values. This requires full traceability and focus on the quality and food safety of their products and raw materials. In order to provide quality Salmon year round, Grieg uphold strict quality control and focus on sustainability, fish welfare and environmental concerns. Grieg Seafood has developed standards that exceed government requirements and have established best management practices and continuous programs to reduce their impact on the environment and its inhabitants.

Organic Standards

Our rearing, processing and packing standards are certified by the Organic Food Federation, Nutarland and Freedom Foods:

  • Stocking density in the net pens is 8 kilograms per meter³ this means that only 1% of the cage is occupied by fish. We use larger holding pens than other farms to ensure our salmon are raised at lower stock densities, rather than the industry standards, usually practised at more than 25-30 kg m³.
  • No toxic anti-fouling used on the net pens (used to keep net pens clean) are not permitted on organic fish farms.
  • Withdrawal periods after medicinal treatments are double the time periods set for conventional salmon fish required should treatments be essential to maintain high welfare standards.
  • No antibiotics are used during medicinal treatments or the life of the fish.

Fish Fact  Salmon is naturally rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids – essential for optimum health


THIS FISH is proud of the high production standards it conforms to. We have many accreditations with respected organisations and auditing bodies. For more information on our sustainable fishing practices and organic food regulations accreditations, as well as the key differences between conventional salmon and organic salmon, see each organisations website.

Kosher Certified

THIS FISH is Kosher, and certified with the Badatz Igud Rabbonim KIR – one of the largest Kosher Certification organisations in the World. Kosher signifies food that meets with Jewish dietary law.